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The succession process is often a lengthy and emotional process, whereby detachment and far-reaching choices play an important role. Many issues are on the agenda, such as the profile of the (new) candidate owner, any preparations, sale and purchase price and its funding and conditions to succession. These issues are on the agenda, while the business continues.

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Sale, purchase or merger

For most entrepreneurs, management teams and shareholders the sale, purchase or merger of their company is a 'once in a lifetime’ event where it always concerns, but often goes beyond price. In addition, other issues can also be on the agenda, such as new strategy and business organization, management and supervision, (new) name of the company and location of the (new) headquarters. An event that touches upon the core of the company and its history.

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An extension of activities, large-scale investment and/or acquisition may require new funding. As banks have become more cautious, the chances of obtaining sufficient interest bearing financing at attractive conditions can considerably be enlarged by preparing the business case thoroughly and talking with the right parties. Other means of financing (equity or subordinated) might have to be considered as well.

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Financial strategy

Realization of value creation (or avoidance of value destruction) is directly linked to the quality of your business strategy. Sometimes companies are faced with a necessary or desired strategic change. This change can deeply affect the existing business and financing model. Examples include the relocation or consolidation of production sites, entry into an unknown foreign market, desire to roll out an aggressive growth scenario or to insource, outsource or even divest certain activities.

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The value of a company is largely determined by the potential to generate future and sustainable free cash flows with its business activities. At the same time, there needs to be a certain consistency with the results of the recent past. Gaining insight into the value of a company is important in a wide variety of situations.

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Sometimes there are other situations that require an outside view and independent judgment.

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