Together ensure financial solidity


An extension of activities, large-scale investment and/or acquisition may require new funding. As banks have become more cautious, the chances of obtaining sufficient interest bearing financing at attractive conditions can considerably be enlarged by preparing your business case thoroughly and talking with the right parties. Other forms of financing (equity or subordinated) might have to be considered as well. Sometimes it is wise to (also) consider redesigning the current financing structure. Even without major changes in the composition and nature of existing business activities refinancing may be advantageous.

The cases in which we are most involved are:

  • Private equity and venture capital;
  • Growth and acquisition financing;
  • Re- and off-balance sheet financing;
  • Debt restructuring;
  • Balance sheet optimization;
  • Investor relations.

While the most frequently asked questions to us are:

  • How much and which sorts of financing are available to me?
  • What are the pros and cons and most common conditions to the various forms of financing?
  • Which parties can I contact?
  • Which conditions are important to me besides rates?
  • How much and which financing can the company bear?
  • Which arrangements can I make with lenders about long term financing requirements?
  • How do lenders view balance sheet ratio’s?
  • Which preparations should I take?
  • How should I respond to the internal procedures of financiers?
  • About what and when should I inform the financiers?

We support entrepreneurs, management teams and shareholders in preparing and conducting negotiations with banks, private equity funds and other providers of interest-bearing debt or equity. Our approach allows you to realize your financing at better rates and conditions.