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Sale, purchase or merger

For most entrepreneurs, management teams and shareholders the sale, purchase or merger of their company is a 'once in a lifetime’ event where it always concerns, but often goes beyond price. In addition, other issues can be on the agenda, such as the new strategy and business organization, management and supervision, (new) name of the company and location of the (new) headquarters. An event that touches upon the core of the company and its history.

The cases in which we are most involved are:

  • Sale or purchase of company or business;
  • Merger or joint-venture;
  • Management buy out or buy in;
  • Entry and exit of shareholder(s);
  • Outsourcing;
  • Transaction support.

While the most frequently asked questions to us are:

  • Why and when should I sell, buy or merge?
  • How long does a sale, purchase or merger process take?
  • How do I ensure confidentiality during the process?
  • What types of buyers and within these types, which candidates may have interest and to what issues do these parties pay attention?
  • Should I talk to one, a few or many candidates (simultaneously)?
  • What is the company worth and what (price) tactics should I follow?
  • What are the pros and cons and most common conditions to the various sale, purchase or merger techniques?
  • How much and which financing can the company bear?
  • How and when do I inform the employees (and works’ council), customers, suppliers, financiers and other stakeholders?
  • Which steps should be taken into account after the sale, purchase or merger?

We support you in the various stages of the transaction process, often in close collaboration with your accountant and tax consultant, and using our extensive network. Not only during the transaction (including any funding), but also in advance (such as succession planning) and afterwards (such as post-integration plan and -process). In addition, we not only focus on the financial side of things, but also on the relationships with customers, suppliers, employees and financiers. Indeed, it is after all the results in the short and medium term that count.