Together transfer to the next generation


The succession process is often a lengthy and emotional process, whereby detachment and far-reaching choices play an important role. Many issues are on the agenda, such as the profile of the (new) candidate owner, any preparations, sale and purchase price and its funding and conditions to succession. These issues are on the agenda, while the business continues.

The cases in which we are most involved are:

  • Assessment of feasibility of alternatives;
  • Preparation of the sale and purchase;
  • Funding of the transaction.

While the most frequently asked questions to us are:

  • When should I start thinking about succession?
  • What are the pros and cons and conditions to the various alternatives?
  • Which conditions can and should I set for myself?
  • Which conditions of other stakeholders should I take into account?
  • To what extent do I remain involved after the succession?
  • Which preparations should I take?
  • What price should (could) I ask or offer?
  • How much and what financing can the company bear?
  • How should I legally and fiscally structure the transaction?
  • How and when do I inform the employees (and works’ councils), customers, suppliers, financiers and other stakeholders?

We offer you an optimal assessment process of all business, personal and financial elements by means of a carefully designed roadmap. Also, which roles can be played by you and us are on the agenda.